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Quality Assurance for IT Development Projects

Quality Assurance for IT Development Projects

This fleet management and leasing company needed a better way to track vehicle life-span and for online customers to compare and select the best vehicles for their specific needs. As one of the largest fleet leasing companies in the United States, they manage more than 300,000 vehicles and provide fleet leasing services to many Fortune 500 companies. This client was using a combination of custom built applications and spreadsheets to configure vehicles, calculate their life-cycle analysis (i.e., LCA - total cost of ownership) and compare vehicle costs for their clients. These calculations and vehicle comparisons were a highly manual, non-standardized and time consuming process. The bulk of the effort completed via spreadsheets that were not always consistent across the company, resulting in possibly erroneous dollar amounts.

The goals of the this project were to develop a consolidated, intuitive online resource to help corporate fleet users compare and select the best vehicles for their needs based on multiple criteria, to produce a standardized LCA process for selected vehicles with accurate pricing and to create and publish templates for use in ordering.

How We Solved It

Trillium positioned Quality Best Practices to improve the quality of the application code being delivered and to align quality expectations between the business and IT organizations


  • Testing process and effort became more organized, structured and predictable
  • Quality of code improved considerably as the project approached production deployment date
  • Quality expectations of the solutions were aligned between the business and IT as final sign-off was collected prior to going live

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