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Quickly Developing Critical Cloud Applications

Quickly Developing Critical Cloud Applications

In developing a new cloud services product offering, the client determined late in the development cycle that a user-provisioning system was critical to the project. As one of the world’s largest communications companies, this services would allow third-party developers to access the client’s telecommunications infrastructure for location and mobile services, as well as provide access to membership provisioning information for other internal applications. Trillium was called in to facilitate the development of this critical application in order to launch it at the same time as others already under development.

The other cloud applications had already achieved several milestones. Trillium’s challenge was to introduce the new application development project without jeopardizing the progress. Most importantly, the Trillium team needed to ensure that the new application would interface seamlessly with the others in the cloud – and do it all within the project time frame and budget despite the late start.

How We Solved It

Trillium facilitated joint system requirements, weekly architecture sessions, and proactive issue monitoring and resolution


  • Created a hub for all cloud service products
  • Delivered the project aead of time and on budget
  • Mitigated risk to systems already in development

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