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Trillium Helps Airline Improve its Customer Experience Using Analytics

Trillium Helps Airline Improve its Customer Experience Using Analytics

Trillium was contacted by a large airline that believed strongly in rewarding its employees for their performance.  However, despite spending significant capital on reward programs, and having a highly engaged workforce, they were having issues ensuring their funds were well-spent, since their customers experience was not performing or improving at anticipated levels.

Our client was looking for a fast-track, analytical, and objective method of reviewing the employee engagement program to determine what could be done to positively impact the customer experience.  The results of the analysis would help determine a path forward for enhancing the impact of its programs.

How We Solved It

The client engaged Trillium to review and assess its customer experience process using Xpedition’s proven diagnostic and assessment tool and recommend a path forward, including:

• Quickly diving into the customer service organization
• Reviewing results to quickly diagnose issues and identify prescriptive action
• Analyzing how technology was supporting the client’s objectives
• Developing a roadmap supporting the go-forward approach to addressing the gaps
• Defining standard baseline customer experience data going forward
• Identifying new technology tools to enhance customer experience
• Aligning rewards and recognition programs directly to customer needs


  • Increased customer experience scores by 15 % year over year
  • Improved customer experience increased the financial value of the organization
  • Improved employee engagement with introduction of modified programs and rewards
  • Improved time to value for additional programs, using scalable Xpedition tools with a more accurate and complete understanding of the situat

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