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Trillium Helps Banking Firm Improve Customer Recognition and Retention

Trillium Helps Banking Firm Improve Customer Recognition and Retention

Trillium’s Client is a large banking firm having issues with customer recognition and retention.  Changes in its client base, especially in the personal banking/wealth management area, caused issues with back-office systems related to collaboration, gaps in repeat business, and identification of new customers.  Technology understanding, integrations, and analytics were unable to meet the client’s needs, while also considering banking regulations. 

Client management determined that they needed to address these issues to develop a new, standard approach moving forward.

How We Solved It

Trillium worked with the Client using our proven/ structured review process and developed a new customer service approach, which included:

    Creating a current state roadmap of customer service, including gaps
    Generating use cases and requirements for a new customer service platform using Trillium’s proven Technology Selection process, including back office integrations
    Researching and vetting the best customer service approach that met the bank’s requirements for current and prospective customers
    Updating the roadmap with the new customer service processes
    Deploying a cloud-based customer service platform that met the client’s needs



  • Deployed a cloud-based customer service application for the Client’s customers that also enabled our client to market to prospective custome
  • Reduced paper usage by over 40% in the back office
  • Streamlined and more effective collaboration between personal banking/wealth employees
  • Documented process maps simplified ongoing process and procedure changes

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