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Trillium Helps Utility Agency Improve Customer Relations

Trillium Helps Utility Agency Improve Customer Relations

Trillium’s Client is a large public utility company having issues with customer relations.  Specifically, when the client had outages, customers were informed about these outages via a non-secure social media platform.  Process was lacking, and there was no difference in notifications for residential and commercial accounts, despite them having different revenue and volume models.  Also, the client had call center staffing issues due to inadequate training and retirements, and no internal personnel handling customer service applications.  Further taxing the staff was the installation of automated meters throughout the customer base.  Given the regulatory nature of the client’s business, all these issues were causing problems for the client. 

Client management proactively determined they needed to address these issues and develop a new, standard customer relations approach moving forward. 

How We Solved It

Trillium worked with the Client using our proven/structure review process and developed a new customer relations approach, including:

    Creating a current state roadmap of customer relations, including process and staffing gaps
    Generating use cases and requirements for a new customer relations platform using Trillium’s proven Technology Selection process, documenting the specific needs for residential and commercial accounts
    Researching and vetting the best customer relations platforms that met the client’s requirements for current and prospective customers
    Coordinated staffing needs for contact center, including training
    Updating the roadmap with the new customer relations processes
    Deploying a cloud-based customer relations platform that met the client’s needs



  • Deployment of a cloud-based customer relations application for the Client’s customers, meeting the needs for both residential and commercial
  • Developed customer service training and staffing processes so staff could be deployed as needed
  • Client was able to contact its customers securely for any communication needs
  • Updatable, documented process maps simplified ongoing process and procedure changes

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